martes, 25 de mayo de 2010

I am from Venezuela!

Hi! My name´s Estefania De Lima! I´m from Venezuela! I´m Venezuelan!

He is from Mexico. Is Mexican! and your name´s Pablo Montero.
He is from Japan. Is Japanese! and your name´s Min Chul Kim.
He is from The U.S. Is American! and your name´s Michael Mc´Donalds.
She is from China. Is Chinese! and your name´s Mayumi Tanaka.

Interview :D

estefania: Hi!
Friend: hi!
estefania: What´s your name?
Friend: My name´s Norianny!
estefania: What´s your first name?
Friend: My first name´s Paola!
estefania: What´s your last name?
Friend: My last name´s Pedroza!
estefania: How do you speel your last name?
Friend: P-E-D-R-O-Z-A
Estefania: What´s your phone number?
Friend: My phone number is 0424-6438214
estefania: What´s your EMAIL address?
Friend: My email address is
estefania: who´s your favorite actor?
Friend: my favorite actor is Tom Cruise!
Estefania: who´s your favorite singer?
Friend: My favorite singer is shakira
estefania: Who´s your favorite athelete?
Friend: My favorite athelete is Beckam!
estefania: Who´s your favorite actress?
Friend: My favorite actress is Sara Jesicca Parcker!

martes, 18 de mayo de 2010

hello, world

welcome to my blog! this blog is for my english level 1 classes. here I am going to post my homework and other interesting things that will help me to learn english as a foreign lenguage.
well, my name Estefania De Lima, I'm studying at social comunication school in URBE. I'm 19 yerars old and I'm from Maracaibo, Venezuela!
I hope you like my work...
and please leave a comment